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Wearable Hands-free Electric Pump - MyLT

Wearable Hands-free Electric Pump - MyLT

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The best thing about this electric breast pump is that it is extremely discreet and quiet. Plus, it leaves your hands free and is invisible inside your bra. The LCD screen allows you to control the desired function for each moment. There's nothing more practical than that.

* Built in 1100mAh rechargeable battery, has long working time and can be charged by the included USB cable quickly. The sound of the wearable breast pump is less than 40dB during working, which will not disturb your baby or get others attention.

* Made with an efficient anti-leakage system, it adapts to the shape of the breasts and does'nt allow milk escape.

* Holds up to 180ml of milk.

* Operates in four modes: massage and three different suction powers.

* Compact and lightweight,  can be put into backpack for convenient carry.

* Made of soft silicone material, which will not cause pain and maintain a good seal.

* Item weight: 242g/ 8.5oz.

* 112.2mm breast shield,  suitable for most breast size.

* Package includes: 
1 * Breast Pump
1 * Charging Cable



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